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We relish a good challenge, and when it came to elevating Arabica's social media presence, we eagerly took the reins! Working hand in hand with the Arabica team, we embarked on a creative journey to curate captivating content and designs that resonate with their boba-loving audience. From eye-catching graphics to engaging posts, we poured heart and soul into every element. The result? An enchanting tapestry of visuals that Arabica proudly shares across their platforms. Take a glimpse into some of our favorite moments from this dynamic social media project!



We embraced the design adventure with Fekra House wholeheartedly! Crafting captivating social media content for their exquisite line of notebooks, tote bags, cups, and more was a joy. Our creativity poured into every post, resulting in an alluring collection of visuals proudly shared across platforms. Explore highlights from this vibrant campaign!



From developing the logo to designing the packaging and creating a cohesive visual style, our team was there every step of the way to ensure that every detail was just right. We crafted a unique brand voice that resonated with Al Laith Coffee's target audience and helped to set them apart from the competition.



We were thrilled to work with the passionate team at Dopamine Travel to create a unique logo that captured the essence of their brand. By combining the company's love for adventure and exploration with their focus on positive psychology and wellness, we were able to design a logo that truly stands out. The final result perfectly represents the energy and excitement of Dopamine Travel, and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out.



RapidBrainz collaborated with Fish & Chips to create a unique and memorable brand from scratch. As the first establishment in Egypt to offer fish & chips to-go, our branding aimed to reflect the modern and on-the-go lifestyle of our customers. From the catchy logo to the playful color scheme, the branding was designed to leave a lasting impression and stand out in a sea of fast food options. Together, we created a brand that represents quality, convenience, and deliciousness all in one tasty package.


Miriam Hayes

We have bought and sold a handful of properties in the past with various different realtors, but none came close to the service we got at Presson's. Not only is the team full of experts who know what they're talking about, but they are also always willing to go that extra mile to ensure customer happiness and satisfaction. We were never left hanging and waiting for an answer – everyone got back to us promptly and we never felt like we weren't in the loop of what was going on. The whole process was smooth and we never felt rushed or pushed to make a decision. Instead, we could take the time to decide on everything, and ended up signing the papers within weeks.

James and Susan Smith

We had heard a lot of praise for Presson's team, since many of our social circle was already using their services to purchase their own homes. We had pretty high expectations, and were pleasantly surprised when they were not just met, but surpassed by a mile. The team was accommodating at all stages – from viewing the properties, to providing extra information on some of the interior materials, to explaining in detail all the clauses in the contracts. Even our children could join the house viewing process, something which we were eternally grateful. Now, we are happy homeowners in a nice neighborhood, and we couldn't be happier.


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